In the spring of 2019 I saw an easel at the local hardware store. That same day in the afternoon I started painting. Nobody showed me how to, I didn't learn at an art school. My mother is a teacher for art, painted herself and used to drag us kids into every single art exhibition she could find. In my childhood home I always admired her beautiful art that decorated our walls.

I guess that has left its mark? 

When painting, I cherish the calm and peacefulness while mixing up colours, spreading them onto the canvas and watching the piece evolve. I'm exploring the possibilities of abstraction, the interaction of colours and shapes. At the same time I rarely overload my works, instead I give space to reduced figures and compositions to let them release their full potential. 

In my other life however I am a medical doctor, who goes to work in the mornings and spends the day in scrubs. I love that, too.